We believe that alternative assets offer investors the prospect of high potential rewards.

Our Vision

Thomas Capital Group is a premier boutique placement firm providing exceptional fundraising advice and execution to our clients. We focus on a handful of high quality funds and look for managers that provide consistent, top-quartile returns to investors. Our goal is to help clients build long-term thriving businesses.

We believe that private equity and alternative assets offer investors the prospect of high potential rewards and, for certain investors, should be a key part of their asset allocation. However, with this return potential comes commensurate risk. We feel strongly that products in this asset class should be offered only to well-informed and sophisticated investors who can understand, accommodate and manage the risks associated with these strategies. We work hard to present to prospective investors a clear understanding of the fund manager, its portfolio and its investment strategy. Ultimately, we strive to ensure goal alignment between our clients and their investors.

Our experience, integrity, reputation and work ethic are our core strengths. We believe in teamwork and collaboration between and among ourselves, our clients and our investor networks. We respect people and conduct our business in a manner that helps us to establish and strengthen these relationships.

We believe success for our clients and ourselves should be accomplished only in a fair and ethical manner. With this culture and focus, we look forward to helping both clients and investors accomplish their respective goals.